Heathrow Airport – Airline Moves Support

The Challenge

Heathrow Airport has an ongoing requirement for the seamless transition of individual airlines, and all of their related stakeholders, from one terminal to another within the airport. Meanwhile there is also a requirement for managing the process of bringing new entrant airlines to Heathrow. We were asked to provide a range of services to facilitate this activity, including transition, training, proving management and logistical support for more than 50 airline moves.

The Solution

The support which we provided ensured that the Airline Moves Operational Readiness team at Heathrow were ready for the move when the time came. This involved initiating a countdown process to coordinate and track all of the training, familiarisation, documentation and compliance which would be required in order to carry out the necessary airline moves. The project also included the design and delivery of a comprehensive launch plan leading up to the target go-live date, and on-going support for all affected parties for several days following go-live.

“I have worked with ABC for over 10yrs on a variety of Projects at Heathrow, including Airline moves, baggage delivery and resilience projects.

They are a very versatile team with a broad set of skills giving them lots of flexibility. A self-starting organisation, they have different approaches depending on the project and often come to the table with innovative solutions and new ways of working to achieve the desired outcome.

They integrate themselves well into the environment and have strong stakeholder and delivery skills.

The leadership is inspiring for the workforce identifying and playing to people strengths allowing them to grow and develop into strong individuals. I am always confident that we will be successful when they are on board.”

Khym Hauxwell

Transition Director, North America Vandelande