Heathrow Airport – Baggage Commissioning

The Challenge

Heathrow Airport needed to introduce a variety of changes to its baggage service, which were likely to impact all of the people, processes, technology and infrastructure components which are involved in baggage handling. It was imperative that these changes were made while maintaining business continuity throughout – and the business benefits which they would bring had to be delivered promptly and sustainably, without impacting the operation in any way.

The Solution

We applied the commissioning of baggage systems and solutions throughout the entire lifecycle of this project – which were typically delivered using a ‘waterfall’ approach. This involved setting the requirements and timescales up front, which is key to the success of the approach. We set up Operational Readiness teams composed of Project Managers, Training Managers and co-ordinators, Test Leads and Health and Safety Support to ensure projects could be realised from P6 planning to live operation. As a result of our success in this area over the last 17 years, we are considered the supplier of choice for Baggage Commissioning at Heathrow Airport.

“My team and I have been working closely with ABC for over 4 years now, they have provided the resilience resource contract at Heathrow airport to support baggage operations, this contract has significantly improved our ability to be able to contain and recover quickly whenever operational incidents occur. This has had multiple benefits both reducing the number of passengers affected and also preventing any reputation damage to the business.

It is ABC’s ability to be agile, responsive and cost effective as well as being great people to work with which has set them aside to others.”

Luke Burton

Head of Baggage Operations, Heathrow Airport Limited