Here are a selection of our most recent projects.

Heathrow Airport – Business Resilience Research

Heathrow Airport operates two consolidation and logistics centres – the Heathrow Consolidation Centre and the Colnbrook Logistics Centre. Both of these facilities provide logistics operations for Heathrow airport, which are contracted out to third..

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Heathrow Airport – Airline Moves Support

Heathrow Airport needed to introduce a variety of changes to its baggage service, which were likely impact all of the people, processes, technology and infrastructure components which are involved in baggage handling. It was imperative that these changes..

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Baggage Commissioning At Heathrow

Heathrow Airport has an ongoing requirement for the seamless transition of individual airlines, and all of their related stakeholders, from one terminal to another within the airport. Meanwhile there is also a requirement for managing the process..

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